Annual laboratory check – no family doctor

The foundation for health in old age is laid at an early age. All-inclusive price, no additional costs!

An annual test helps you to detect deficiency symptoms and disorders of organ functions early and to prevent later problems. Important: This check does not replace a visit to the doctor!

Included tests

  • Urine status (Multistix) sediment
  • Creatinine
  • Glucose postprandial
  • GGT (gamma-GT)
  • Bilirubin total
  • GOT (ASAT)
  • GPT (ALAT)
  • Hematogram large (5 pop.)
  • Ferritin
  • CRP (C-reactive protein)
  • TSH Thyrotropin basal

CHF 83.10


  • Venous blood sampling
  • Medium jet urine


Urine status is not possible on Saturdays and weekdays after 5 pm due to sample stability time!